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Our hair has been part of our lives and daily routine.  We all experienced having a bad hair day or a good hair day.  Taking good care of our hair is as essential as having a good hygiene.  We have taken good care of our crowns since we were young, so, why not invest on it? As early as today, we should invest on it before it is too late.

Losing hair is as grave as losing your own self.  Losing your hair would cause so much self- esteem issues that would, in effect, affect our lives.  Nobody wants that.  Using the right products for your hair would be very beneficial for you.  Not only would it improve your self- confidence, it would also bring your life bounce and style.

Let us look at the reasons behind hair loss:

·        Hair loss may depend on genetics and the history of your family so better do some investigative work and discover whether your grandparents experienced hair loss.

·        A lot of illnesses cause hair loss. If you suddenly experienced this without any history within your family about hair loss then better go to the doctor and consult.

·        Different drugs for certain diseases and conditions also cause hair loss as a side- effect.  Prepare yourself by getting the right consultation and medications to address both of your illness and hair loss.

·        An overdose of Vitamin A can cause hair loss as a side- effect too.

·        All kinds of stress such as physical, mental and emotional stress can cause hair loss.

·        Poor nutrition can also cause severe hair loss due to lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals.

·        For women, you should watch out on hormonal imbalance because this, too, could cause such effect.

HairWiki provides educational information regarding your hair. If you care so much about it, type this on your search engines and read on. 

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